Back in elementary school the only books I wanted to read were the ones on ghosts, and bigfoot, and aliens, and other crazy stuff. I still don't know why I like things like this so much.

Growing up I lived outside of the city, with a bunch of fields around me, and so the sunsets and night sky were never ruined by city lights. The empty fields and the blanket of stars made it look like a scene where UFOs usually show up on TV. I used to sit out and wait to see a UFO, I was just sure I was gonna see one. I never did though.

I remember Area 51 and UFOs being very maintstream back when I was a kid in the early 2000s. I heard on Coast to Coast the other night that there was a boom in UFO investigation in the late 80's, so maybe the interest was still burning.


I Want to Believe. The existence of another intelligent species is pretty terrifying. Man has never interacted with a civilization of people that didn't think like him, feel like him, want, mourn, tremble, and share all the same motivations and a common history. It would change things forever just to know they existed out there. How would it clash with the teachings of our religions? Would it contradict our creation myths? How would it change our sense of purpose in the universe?