Images are downsized to avoid devouring storage space. Some definition is lost but not much.

Large house when it snowed one night a Christmas or so ago.

Searched all over the graveyard until I found this spot I liked. Altered in photoshop obviously.

Pitcher and basin from a local historical site.

A dead butterfly in the succulents at Lowes.

A rose in my church's garden. The water on the petals is surreally delicate looking.

House across the tracks with a pretty orange leafed tree.

The house to this is equally attractive. Seems to be in the process of restoration.

Town recently voted on whether or not to allow mixed drinks to be sold. Many of these signs to be seen.

The underside to both sides of this bridge is completely covered in graffiti from the 70's to the present.

This pond serves some purpose to the field surrounding it, drainage I believe. It's a attractive at least.

Trestle over a stream. It's underside is littered with graffiti as well. Will post later.